The Unexpected. Easier Said Than Done.

I posted a quote a couple weeks ago about how if you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens. I mentioned how I needed to embrace this quote because I’ve been feeling stagnant lately and complaining about being “in a rut” and bothered by the fact that every day seems the same as the day before. Well, I have to admit that I am amazed at how when faced with the unexpected, I immediately resist.

My birthday is Monday. The other night as we’re sitting at the kitchen table having dinner, my husband says, “By the way, you have plans on Sunday.” I immediately panic….

“What do you mean I have plans Sunday? What kind of plans? When? In the morning? Until what time? I can’t have plans on Sunday. Kiersten has soccer. Brianna has cheer practice. How late will we be? Brianna has school on Monday.”

Wow. I complain about being in a rut. I complain about every day being the same. Then as soon as the unexpected presents itself, I panic. No wonder every day is the same. I made it this way. I created this rut.

My best friend’s father took his wife on a surprise cruise for her birthday last month. For a second I thought…oh, how nice. But then I thought…but how can he do that? Doe she have the right clothes packed? Won’t she be upset if she doesn’t have everything she needs?

Of course not. She’ll enjoy it. Who wouldn’t?

But that is the sort of thinking that got me into this rut.

So, I’m embracing the unexpected. Or at least trying to. The world won’t end if my daughter misses cheer practice. I don’t need to know exactly what’s going on and when…that’s actually a tough one to accept since I’m a bit of a control freak. But being a control freak and embracing the unexpected don’t work very well together. So I’m going to take a step back, breathe, and just go with it for once. It’s a first step to changing things. Climbing out of this rut is going to be harder than I thought because I didn’t realize until now that resistance to the unexpected is such a big part of my personality. But I hate this rut, so I’m going to work on it.

Now I am going to make my husband tell me what I need to wear Sunday so I can plan accordingly. Baby steps.


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