Peyton Manning is no MVP

I have heard some people mention today that it is now clear that Peyton Manning should be MVP every year because of how valuable he obviously is to his team. That’s ridiculous. You are going to tell me that the Colts let the Saints score 62 points against them because Peyton Manning is hurt? Last time I checked Manning didn’t play defense. Or coach the team. Or does he? Seriously. Last I checked, even in uniform, Peyton Manning would not be in any way responsible for stopping the opposing team from scoring 62 points.

I can understand the team having a worse season because Peyton isn’t out there leading the offense, especially with how unprepared management and coaches left the team to lose Peyton having no one capable to back him up. But this is ridiculous. You lose your quarterback and you are suddenly losing football games by 55 points? It’s one thing to lose, it’s entirely another thing to lose by 55 points. That’s not a tribute to how valuable Peyton Manning is. That shows how poor the management and coaching of this team is. Who convinced this entire team that without Peyton, they should just give up?

As far as Peyton’s leadership goes, good leaders prepare those around them to perform well under any circumstances. A good leader trains those around him to fight on even if he goes down. You can’t say that Peyton Manning’s leadership is so valuable to this team that they absolutely can’t play without him. If that’s the case, that makes him a crappy leader. And that’s certainly not valuable.


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