DJax the Punk

I’ve been a DeSean Jackson fan for as long as he’s been with the Eagles. I’ve loved watching him play and yes, I even have loved his personality. When others call him a punk (and it happens a lot), I defend him. He’s a playmaker and he knows that. He has fun with the game and I love that. I’m sick of all the fun and personality being taken out of the game. I watch football for fun and watching Jackson has always been fun.

And off the field, he does good. He seems like a good kid. Stays out of trouble. Finds causes that mean something to him to jump into full steam…cancer, bullying. He makes a difference.

This year. Yes, he held out for a few days, but who could blame him. No one denies he far outplayed his contract and is outrageously underpaid for what he does and compared to others in his position. But then he showed up. He got to work and kept his mouth shut.
He hasn’t been the explosive DeSean we’re used to, but I defend him. I’ve seen him run guys down and make tackles this season. He draws attention away from other receivers. The coaches need to find ways to get him more involved in the offense. He always works hard and I have said over and over that the Eagles need to pay him. Now.

And now this. This I can’t defend. Missing a meeting and getting himself benched.

DeSean, whatever the excuse is, this was a punk move. And at the worst possible time for you, your fans, and most importantly, your team. The fans are reeling. Your team is reeling. You should be leading. You are at the end of your rookie contract, you’ve been there a few years, and you are an absolutely vital part of your team’s success…or it’s failure. And you didn’t show up. You didn’t show up for a meeting. You didn’t show up for your fans. And, worst of all, you didn’t show up for your team.

Whatever happens on the field, the fans and your team need to see that you are showing up, putting in the work, and more importantly, putting in the heart and the passion…no matter the team’s record. How do you expect your team’s fans to have heart if they see you don’t? Today, as a fan who has always been on your side, you let us down.

Today, you absolutely are a punk.


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