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Stop Stealing Dreams

I wrote a blog post back in October titled Beyond Reading, Writing and ArithmeticIt was inspired by an experience with my 7-year-old daughter and what I viewed as a simple example of how our education system is failing both our children and, as a result, our society and its future.

I wondered near the end of that blog post if I was making too big of a deal out of the experience. I know now that the answer is actually that I didn’t make big enough of a deal out of it. Probably because I was brought up in the same system that taught me simply to fall in line. Don’t make too much noise. Now our kids are being taught to do the same. It’s a broken system that needs to be changed. The first step is to question it.

If you care about education at all, or the future of your children, or the future of our society, you must read this “manifesto” by Seth Godin titled Stop Stealing Dreams. Read it. Comment on it. Share it. Discuss it.

And here is Seth’s blog.


Greatest Big East Tournament Teams

Every year this tournament provides some of the greatest moments in college basketball. It never disappoints. I will miss it terribly when Syracuse leaves the Big East.

Syracuse celebrates 2006 Big East championship

The tournament is celebrating 30 years at MSG this year. Here are the top Big East tournament teams from those 30 years.

Free On-Demand Videos at | Garden30_Ep4_master.mp4.

This might be one of the strangest pictures I’ve ever seen…

This might be one of the strangest pictures I've ever seen...

SCOOOOOOP! and Bleeding Orange

Scoop Jardine has only one game left to play for the Syracuse Orange in the Carrier Dome. He has been with this team for 5 years. In a time when the goal in college basketball seems to be “one and done,” this seems nearly unheard of, especially for a contributor like Scoop.Image

So often now, college basketball fans hardly get to know a player before he is gone.

The crowd at the Dome has always loved Scoop. He’s a real personality. And with him being there for five years, it seems we have really watched him grow from a kid into a mature leader.

Of course we love stars like Carmelo Anthony, but he’s one we hardly got to know before he was gone. It’s the guys like Scoop and Gerry McNamara that fight for our team for years that we truly miss. I know I love seeing Gerry back on the bench as a coach. It seems that’s right where he belongs. Where else should he be besides the Dome? Nowhere. He’s one of us. Look at our bench…full of coaches that all played for this team. That tells you something. The Orange runs strong through us.


And it seems Scoop bleeds Orange more than almost anyone. He loves this team and we love him, even when he frustrates us. Although he frustrates us far less often now. Again, because he’s grown. And we’ve witnessed it. All the ups and downs.

When Scoop leaves the court next Saturday, I hope to hear one last resounding “SCOOOOOOOOP!” from the Carrier Dome crowd. One that he’ll carry with him into postseason play and one that will echo in the Dome for a while to show future players that when you give us your all, we’ll stick with you through it all, we’ll bleed Orange with you. And the Dome will always be your home.