Stop Stealing Dreams

I wrote a blog post back in October titled Beyond Reading, Writing and ArithmeticIt was inspired by an experience with my 7-year-old daughter and what I viewed as a simple example of how our education system is failing both our children and, as a result, our society and its future.

I wondered near the end of that blog post if I was making too big of a deal out of the experience. I know now that the answer is actually that I didn’t make big enough of a deal out of it. Probably because I was brought up in the same system that taught me simply to fall in line. Don’t make too much noise. Now our kids are being taught to do the same. It’s a broken system that needs to be changed. The first step is to question it.

If you care about education at all, or the future of your children, or the future of our society, you must read this “manifesto” by Seth Godin titled Stop Stealing Dreams. Read it. Comment on it. Share it. Discuss it.

And here is Seth’s blog.


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