My Super Breakfast

Isn’t it a gorgeous looking breakfast?

When my husband decided to lose some weight last year, he went on a no carb diet. We won’t get into the debate about no carb diets since I think a balanced diet is better, so anyway… When he stopped eating carbs, he started making the same breakfast every morning of eggs, turkey bacon and vegetables. Vegetables for breakfast were a new concept for me except in an omelet, but his breakfast started looking pretty good. It always smelled good too. So I decided to give it a try, found out it was both delicious and filling, and I got hooked.

The photo above is the most common variation – spinach, chickpeas, and sundried tomatoes.  I also love chickpeas and diced tomatoes sprinkled with some Moroccan spice blend. There is also a sauté of black beans, corn, red peppers, and onions cooked in cider vinegar that I often make for dinner and also tastes great the next morning with eggs. Leftover asparagus from dinner is another great option. I also prefer soy sausage to turkey bacon because I get more protein with less fat and sodium.

It’s also not a bad deal calorie-wise with maybe 100 calories in the egg after cooking and 80 in the soy sausage, plus veggies. That’s a lot of protein and nutrients for under 300 calories.

Delicious, filling, nutritious. Super breakfast.


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